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“Following our path is in effect a kind of going off the path, into open country. There is a certain early stage when we are left to camp out in the wilderness, alone, with few supporting voices.”
- Ian Roberts

At the stillpoint of a turning world.

At the stillpoint of a turning world.        etching by Jay Linden

The aim of Soul Purpose is to assist those wanting to do the inner work of healing and transformation. To create a safe and sacred space where the fragments of the soul can be gathered into a whole.


The Soul’s Journey

Each of us incarnated on this planet for the purpose of growing and evolving our soul. Suffering and crisis are oftentimes the catalyst that trigger us to begin or return to the inner journey. Part of this journey involves peeling away layers of defences which conceal deep wounds and allowing them to heal.

The question arises do we only grow through suffering? Can we not also grow through happiness, joy, pleasure, through the care of other beings on this planet? And the answer is yes, absolutely. It is all a question of balance and choice. Too much suffering can leave us broken in bits and take many lifetimes to heal. But a lifetime without any suffering can leave us undeveloped, naive, or arrogant and lacking in compassion.

Everyday, life offers us a choice. Do we surrender and trust our intuitive guidance - or do we freeze in fear and scuttle back to our inner hidey holes? To move forward in trust is to become authentic. We flow with our power and our gifts. To remain paralysed by fear is to be like a butterfly, half emerged from its chrysalis, whose wings remain crumpled and unused.

What is it that holds us back from being authentic? Sometimes it is fears and hurts from previous lifetimes. Sometimes it is uncertainty or confusion about the path our soul wishes to follow. Our intuitive guidance may be drowned out by the noise of the world around us and those who would shape us to their convenience.

The soul’s journey is not about perfection, but wholeness and authenticity. Becoming more of who we truly are allows our gifts to overflow naturally into the world. We discover the delight of being in alignment with our soul's purpose. We enjoy the satisfaction of contributing to the lives of others from a place of heart.

As souls we are pioneers, explorers, creators, adventurers - bursting with vitality, courage and the desire to learn, to grow, to experience. It is the nature of divine souls on earth to create a host of contrasting experiences, bringing together opposites so new possibilities can be born. This enables the expansion of our infinite beings - we are not limited or linear, but fluid and multi-dimensional.

 Past Life Regression  a deep healing process that releases soul fragments still experiencing the trauma of a previous life. This completion releases you from limiting beliefs, prior soul intentions and chronic emotional states. The influence of the past life dissolves giving you the freedom to focus on your current soul purpose. Key relationships that have long standing karmic binds and grievances can be transformed. An added bonus of this process is a deepening of your connection to your Higher Self and inner guidance.

  Soul Purpose Astrology   a written report that gives you the big picture of your soul's journey over many lifetimes. It highlights the themes your soul has been exploring and the skills you have been acquiring. It also reveals the likely traumas you have experienced and the resulting karmic habits you may have brought through. Finally it reveals the direction and emphasis of your soul for this life and what you can do to heal past wounds and move in the direction of integration.

  Mini Astro Chat   an hour's conversation that focuses on the details of your current life situation. This can provide astrological guidance to move through a stuck period in your life. Or you might want some astrological wisdom to help navigate your Saturn return and get the best out of this transitional time. On a more light-hearted note you may wish to check out the astrological energies at play in the coming months and ensure you are aligned with your soul's intentions.

 Tarot for your Soul  a written report that combines the wisdom of the tarot with your soul's purpose as revealed by your natal astrology chart. This report answers specific questions with high vibration guidance and insight. It provides a guiding light for the next few steps on your soul's journey, what energy to move towards and what to move away from - helping you to restore the flow and alignment in your life.





Jay Linden : Soul Purpose : Past Life Regression Therapy, Auckland, New Zealand

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Past Life Regression sessions are available via Zoom or in person. A session takes between 2 and 2.5 hours - sometimes a little longer for the first session.

I work from my home in Cornwallis, West Auckland, a peaceful and resourceful setting surrounded by sea and bush.

Your Soul Purpose Astrology session is a written report of 5,000 - 6,000 words.

A Mini Astro Chat is a one hour conversation on Zoom.

Tarot Astro combines a tarot reading with your astrology chart and is a written report of 2,000 - 2,500 words.

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Connect to Your Inner Guidance

My favourite tool that helps me connect to my guidance is an inexpensive audio download called Binaural Beats.

The benefits…. read more
Jay Linden : Soul Purpose : Connect to Your Inner Guidance


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