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“There is no such thing as chance; and what seems to us merest accident springs from the deepest source of destiny.”

Between melting and freezing the soul's sap quivers

Between melting and freezing the soul's sap quivers.        etching by Jay Linden


Soul Purpose Astrology

I used to dream as I collected my mail that there would be a letter for me explaining what I was doing on this earth and which of the many directions I should choose for my life. When I discovered astrology I felt I had finally received that letter. Of course to encompass a whole life with its many layers takes a complex letter and, as I discovered, a great deal of contemplation to translate it’s symbolic messages.

A Soul Purpose Astrology Session will identify the past life themes your soul has explored; the direction your soul is wanting to grow towards; the skills that are being developed; the wounds that are waiting to be healed and where to focus your time and attention to find the meaning and purpose of this life.

Master Angelic Reiki teacher and medium Rebecca Gambles has this to say:

"My Soul Purpose Astrology reading has changed my life, everyone always asks "What is the Meaning of life?" and I feel like I've just been given the answer to the question. It's almost like I have been handed a blueprint for my life indicating where my weaknesses lie and why certain challenges show up time and again for me throughout my life. It has given me a greater insight into my purpose in this lifetime and where my soul needs to grow in order for me to evolve. I have revisited my astrology report numerous times since I have received it and I take something new from it each time. A Soul Purpose Astrology reading is so beneficial, especially if you are confused about the direction in which your life is going, and Jay has such a beautiful energy that I would, and do highly recommend her to everyone I meet. Thank you Jay"

Having a personal Soul Purpose Astrology Session is like receiving a map to your current life. You gain a deeper understanding of your current challenges and the issues your soul is wrestling with as it evolves and grows.

As Psychic Awakening Teacher, Anna Sayce, confirmed, simply understanding these past life influences is “hugely affirming and helps you to make sense of your life. It helps you to understand your life lessons and why you struggle in certain areas of life.”

Your Soul Purpose Astrology Report* is unique to you. I spend a minimum of four hours analysing your chart, combining the information into a reading that is specific to your soul’s journey.

Then I turn this into a written report - the language of astrology is translated into plain english so no jargon gets in the way of your gaining maximum benefit from your reading.

Your report is approximately 3,500 words and will be sent to you in printable PDF format.

*Please note an accurate birth time is important.

What is covered in a Soul Purpose Astrology Report?

Your Soul’s Purpose for this Lifetime:
Your Soul Purpose is what gives your life meaning and a sense of direction - it is the light of your true Self - your inner divinity. In a deeper sense it can also be a redemption of past mistakes or regrets.

It is by following this path of expansion that you find your heart-fire and inner peace, the feeling of being fully alive and on track.

In this part of the report you'll find out the nature of your soul purpose and the sphere of life in which it is most fully expressed. You'll also discover the personal qualities you are developing - the kind of hero or heroine you are becoming.

Soul Purpose Challenges.
Every soul purpose contains its own challenges. These are the tests or obstacles you will meet along the way.

Some of these will be habits or fears brought through from past lives. Some are simply the tricky parts of learning new skills and expanding into unknown territory. Often these challenges are about learning to balance two opposite ways of being, finding the middle path between extremes.

Identifying Past Lives and Karmic Themes
As a soul you have chosen particular karmic themes to explore. You create a series of lives to explore all the variations until you are satisfied with the skills you have mastered, the wisdom you have gained and the compassion you have developed.

Here you learn about the type of past life experiences you've been creating as well as some examples of specific lives.

Soul Tests
As souls we set ourselves tests - both as practical learning experiences and to check our mastery of the various skills we want to develop.

It can be a great help to discover the types of tests your soul is setting for itself. This will often change your perspective around current struggles as you realise this is the work your soul is focusing on for this life-time - these are the skills you came here to learn.

Karmic Influences

Some of the more difficult experiences of past lives are likely to be unresolved. These influences often show up as patterns of response - fears, phobias, compulsions and blocks that hinder your ability to fully express yourself and freely follow your path in this life.

Understanding these blocks can give focus to your healing work and the clarity to make different choices in your life.

Of particular importance is your core wound. Often this is related to your gift or contribution. By accepting and beginning to heal this wound you release the power of your gift to this world.

What nourishes you
Here you discover what is needed to give you a sense of security and safety as well as what you can do to create feelings of inner abundance and well-being. Knowing what strengthens you gives you the resources to be successful on your soul journey.

Skills and Personal Talents
Continuity karma means you bring through skills and aptitudes that you learned in previous lives. Sometimes we focus so much on our struggles we forget to appreciate all the things we can do, all the things we are good at.

Declan Kerr - author of “Finding Your Other Half"
"Thank you for the reading yesterday - it was really quite brilliant - you have a different way of reading astrology to anything I've come across before - I loved the identification of soul themes, but I feel in my case you really nailed it when you got going on the insights within the themes - I had never considered the sacrifice of the inner child for instance .. so you've helped me massively with a language for what is going on, and an outside verification that really resonates, and then a great discussion about what I can do about it! I am letting others know about you and your work.”

Kate – Christchurch, NZ
“I had a Soul Purpose Astrology reading done by Jay, and I was astounded at the accuracy of it. I work in the healing realm myself and I come across people all the time with gifts, but Jay’s reading is illuminating and has given me so many nuggets, the information is so in-depth, its something to go back to time and time again. Jay’s insight, knowledge, warmth and understanding shines through the Skype session and she has described my Soul’s journey to a T. I look forward to working with her again very soon.”

“I truly enjoyed our session the other week and found it incredibly insightful on many levels. I took so much away from it and its incredibly helpful to have it in recorded form to use as reference. I was pleasantly surprised as to how much of the reading really rang true and how much I can relate it to my life. You've given me many tools to work with and an insight that feels incredibly valuable - thank you so much.”





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Your Soul Purpose Astrology session is a written report of approximately 3,500 words.

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