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“The spiritual life is not set apart from everyday life, it is everyday life lived from a deeper, wiser, more compassionate and magical place.”
- Jay Linden

That last gleam of light on a hostile day

That last gleam of light on a hostile day.        etching by Jay Linden


Tarot for your Soul

I love the visual imagery of the tarot cards with their symbolic wisdom and the mysterious way the right cards turn up in answer to my questions. Often the guidance is surprising and unexpected. We all have blind spots and I find using the Tarot reveals my inner defences and unhelpful habits and points to solutions I could not have come up with on my own.

The Tarot connects us to a deeper, wiser part of ourselves. The answers are surprising precisely because they are not the answers of our ego or dominant self.

For example, recently, I have been concerned with the area of friendships. I have always been proud to be a Hermit - I enjoy my own company and working from home. I was dumbfounded, therefore, when the Hermit turned up in a shadow reading in the blocking position. My soul was telling me that it was this Hermit energy that was stopping the flow of my life.

It took some time to admit that my habit of isolating myself partly came from a fear of not being wanted. That playing the role of teacher in my friendships made me more of a counsellor, not someone to relax and have fun with.

Another card, the 5 Pentacles - what was being left out in the cold - encouraged me to pay attention to my inner child, to give her time to play and create, to be spontaneous.

Following this guidance is helping me to be less serious, to put more time into relationships and have more fun with important others. I'm learning to come down from the mountain top of the Hermit, where I'm supposed to have all the answers, and to simply enjoy another's company. It has changed my values and priorities and helped me to experience the happiness and joy there is in friendship.

How do I get a Tarot for Your Soul report?

First you need to email me with your specific questions and concerns and I'll design a spread especially for you.

Depending on what you ask, the report might identify your Soul Purpose or your Soul Gifts. It could illuminate key shadow areas, those blind spots that are blocking the inspiration and creative flow of your life. Or perhaps buried treasure will be uncovered - the talents, abilities or skills you never knew you had. Occasionally it might connect with a past life that has been creating confusion.

Always your report will reveal which attitudes, choices or directions are unhelpful and keeping you stuck - and which new choices or changes in direction will set you free. The reading concludes with a guiding light card - an image that is a steady light beckoning you forward on your path.

Your written report will be approximately 2000 words long and is sent in printable PDF format. It includes images of the cards from the spread I design specifically for you.

Having a written report can be really helpful as it gives you time to digest the information and really allow it to go in deeply. You also have it to hand and can refer to it again and again.

Some of our life lessons and most difficult challenges can take time to work through - often we can forget our guidance and slip back into old patterns. Going back over the report can be a great reminder of the behaviours you need to leave behind and what will help you move forward.

Client Feedback

“Hi Jay I did receive the reading & it's deeply moving, thank you. I actually had a physical reaction while I was reading it & had to stop. It has explained so much so far. You have a remarkable gift, keep helping as you do, so much healing can be bought to hurting people through your gift.”
Allison McHugh

"My reading was not quite what I expected since I never had a reading like this done before, but actually so much that I've read was sooooo me. It is very powerful and has so much for me to keep in mind, meditate upon and see where I need to make adjustments in my life. It is truly amazing how much of this reading is so much me, outside as well as deep inside. Much of what the cards told seemed to have come to my realization in these last few years." Much gratitude
Janet Gattsek

"Thank you for getting my reading to me so soon. I found it so helpful to have confirmation of my soul gifts, which I am only just realising and accepting. I also had a strong sense my Souls purpose would be to do with children and until time unfolds for me the direction I need to take, I just have to have patience. Thanks again, this reading was very inspiring for me. Much Love"
Patricia Goldsack

“Jay’s reading was extraordinarily insightful and went deep enough to really help me shift some patterns that I have been struggling with a LONG time. Wow!”
Sarah Keogh

"The reading you did for me was uncanny how it touched on so much that rang true for me. But it also threw up aspects for me that I really hadn't contemplated about myself before and it revealed gifts that I really hadn't acknowledged I had. But the reading also aided me in confirming my purpose. It has helped give me more certainty as to what is relevant in my life.”
Gabrielle Bell, New Zealand

“Thank you for your wonderful, wonderful reading. It is exceedingly accurate, and also coming from a very broad perspective, which I love and I resonate with and feels true to me. Everything in the description you gave of ME was immensely accurate - the positive, and the parts that are learning. Very very accurate, very humbling and a great reminder for me. You're very gifted at being clear. You pick up the main issues very well and it read like a story which was wonderful.”





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Tarot for your Soul is a reading designed specially to meet your needs. It comes in the form of a written report of approximately 2000 words.

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