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“The spiritual life is not set apart from everyday life, it is everyday life lived from a deeper, wiser, more compassionate and magical place.”
- Jay Linden

That last gleam of light on a hostile day

That last gleam of light on a hostile day.        etching by Jay Linden


Tarot-Astro for Your Soul

Where do you go for answers when you are feeling stuck in your life?

The obvious solution is to trust your intuition. But this can be difficult when anxiety and doubt, or strong emotions, are getting in the way, or, if you are just learning to open this channel. Even those working in the field as mediums or psychics will go to other intuitive readers for help with their own lives.

A Tarot-Astro report gives you insights and solutions that truly get to the heart of the matter because this guidance comes from Spirit and from your divine team of guides. This loving, divine support team works through the Tarot - and with me - to illuminate the next steps of your life journey.

There is a magic to the rich symbolism of the tarot cards - a divine synchronicity that allows exactly the right cards to come forth in answer to the questions. And this is combined with karmic information from your astrology chart.

A Tarot-Astro report gives you answers - it helps you to understand your challenges and what is creating the feeling of being stuck. But more importantly it gives clear guidance as to what you need to do - or not do - in order to move forward towards a more fulfilling life and your highest good.

What is a Tarot-Astro Report?
- two sources of guidance in one reading

The beauty of a Taro-Astro report is that you get the depth of guidance from a Tarot reading supported by essential information from your astrological chart.

This gives you two sources of guidance in one reading - and because the astrology plays a supporting role for the tarot you don't need to have an accurate time - simply your birth date and place.

The Tarot guidance is focused on your current questions and life challenges - I then use your astrological chart to understand this guidance through the bigger picture of your soul's overall mission for this lifetime.

Often, what seems like an annoying distraction - if only this were working my life would be just fine - turns out to be the very heart of your soul's journey. So the struggle is not something to be avoided, but contains the meaning and purpose of this life.

The Tarot guidance then shows you what is blocking the flow of your life and illuminates the direction that will get you moving in harmony with your heart and soul.

The power of interweaving these two systems of guidance and soul information is so potent that, for the time being, I am only offering this combined form of Tarot reading.

"As I read through the tarot/astrology report, I was amazed at how aligned the messages from the two methodologies were. Card after card reflected supporting information and guidance in line with each other. Jay is a master of the Tarot and astrology and has encouraged me on so many levels to follow my path. Also, the reading over time has come to fruition more than I anticipated. I can truly say this reading experience has been the most special I've ever had and I highly recommend it. Thanks Jay! :)
Cindy - from Texas

"Thank you so much for the report Jay. It really resonated with me, and it validated my own thoughts and feelings. It gave me reassurance that I am on the right track with what I feel I should be doing and what I am currently trying to practice (self love, kindness and compassion with myself first and foremost."
Kirin Singh

How to book a Tarot-Astro Report

To order your Tarot-Astro report send me a few paragraphs describing the area of your life where you'd like to gain some clarity:

What are your concerns?

Where do you feel stuck or at a crossroads?

What repeated patterns have you experienced in this area of your life?

Do you desire more clarity around your soul purpose and the gifts you have to share?

Include your birth date and place - and if you have an accurate or approximate time add that also.

I then design a tarot reading specific to your concerns and consult your astrological chart. I take three to four hours to write your report using these two sources of guidance and channelling information from your team.

Your Tarot-Astro report is approximately 2,500 words and is sent to you as a PDF and includes the images of the cards for your reading.

A written report is a great tool, as a client recently confirmed: 'It's been a great resource to me over the years. New insights come to me each time I read it. Thank you for your powerful work.'

Client Feedback

“Hi Jay I did receive the reading & it's deeply moving, thank you. I actually had a physical reaction while I was reading it & had to stop. It has explained so much so far. You have a remarkable gift, keep helping as you do, so much healing can be bought to hurting people through your gift.”
Allison McHugh

"My reading was not quite what I expected since I never had a reading like this done before, but actually so much that I've read was sooooo me. It is very powerful and has so much for me to keep in mind, meditate upon and see where I need to make adjustments in my life. It is truly amazing how much of this reading is so much me, outside as well as deep inside. Much of what the cards told seemed to have come to my realization in these last few years. Much gratitude"
Janet Gattsek

"Thank you for getting my reading to me so soon. I found it so helpful to have confirmation of my soul gifts, which I am only just realising and accepting. I also had a strong sense my Souls purpose would be to do with children and until time unfolds for me the direction I need to take, I just have to have patience. Thanks again, this reading was very inspiring for me. Much Love"
Patricia Goldsack

“Jay’s reading was extraordinarily insightful and went deep enough to really help me shift some patterns that I have been struggling with a LONG time. Wow!”
Sarah Keogh

"The reading you did for me was uncanny how it touched on so much that rang true for me. But it also threw up aspects for me that I really hadn't contemplated about myself before and it revealed gifts that I really hadn't acknowledged I had. But the reading also aided me in confirming my purpose. It has helped give me more certainty as to what is relevant in my life.”
Gabrielle Bell, New Zealand

“Thank you for your wonderful, wonderful reading. It is exceedingly accurate, and also coming from a very broad perspective, which I love and I resonate with and feels true to me. Everything in the description you gave of ME was immensely accurate - the positive, and the parts that are learning. Very very accurate, very humbling and a great reminder for me. You're very gifted at being clear. You pick up the main issues very well and it read like a story which was wonderful.”





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My favourite tool that helps me connect to my guidance is an inexpensive audio download called Binaural Beats.

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