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“Following our path is in effect a kind of going off the path, into open country. There is a certain early stage when we are left to camp out in the wilderness, alone, with few supporting voices.”
- Ian Roberts

At the stillpoint of a turning world.

At the stillpoint of a turning world.        etching by Jay Linden

For enquiries or bookings


Thank you for contacting me at Soul Purpose - I appreciate your trust in choosing to use my services to help you move forward on your soul's journey.

Healing has its own timing and my advice is always to trust your intuition as to the timing of a session and also in choosing who you will go to.

For this reason I do not accept bookings on behalf of others. Even though we may think a certain session may help someone we cannot know if they are ready.

By all means recommend they look at the website, but it is up to them to contact me from their own intuitive guidance and inner knowing that they are now ready for a session.

Booking an appointment:

I work from Wednesday to Saturday and an occasional Monday. I can schedule morning or afternoon sessions depending on what suits you best.

Skype sessions are more flexible in terms of timing, particularly for those outside New Zealand. Do let me know which country you are in so I can work out the time difference - and it helps to give me some idea of when you are free for a session.

I try to answer your emails as soon as possible - but I also like to have a couple of tech free days each week - generally speaking I hope to answer your email within 24hours, but please excuse me if it takes a little longer.


For overseas clients payment is made through PayPal in US dollars. If you are located in New Zealand I can send you bank details for internet bank transfer.

Payment is required in order to book your session. The exception is for an in-person Past Life Regression session where you may choose to pay ahead of time or pay by cash on the day of the session.





Jay Linden : Soul Purpose : Past Life Regression Therapy, Auckland, New Zealand

Jay Linden

Booking a session

Past Life Regression

Soul Purpose Astrology

Mini Astro Chat


Past Life Regression sessions are available via Zoom or in person. A session takes between 2 and 2.5 hours - sometimes a little longer for the first session.

I work from my home in Cornwallis, West Auckland, a peaceful and resourceful setting surrounded by sea and bush.

Your Soul Purpose Astrology session is a written report of 5,000 - 6,000 words.

A Mini Astro Chat is a one hour conversation on Zoom.

Tarot Astro combines a tarot reading with your astrology chart and is a written report of 2,000 - 2,500 words.

For enquiries or bookings


Connect to Your Inner Guidance

My favourite tool that helps me connect to my guidance is an inexpensive audio download called Binaural Beats.

The benefits…. read more
Jay Linden : Soul Purpose : Connect to Your Inner Guidance


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