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ďOur past life selves are not only characters in past dramas, but they also live within us today as sub-personalities. We feel their emotions, manifest their talents, think their thoughts, are limited by their fears and perpetuate their quandaries.Ē
Patricia Walsh

Darkness shall be the light and stillness, the dancing

Darkness shall be the light and stillness, the dancing.        etching by Jay Linden


Past Life Regression

As your soul journeys from one incarnation to another it can become fragmented by difficult or traumatic experiences. A part of your soul becomes stuck in a past life. These stuck fragments can profoundly affect your current life and how you experience the world. They distort how you feel about yourself, cause difficulties in your relationships and sabotage your soulís mission.

Past Life Regression reconnects you to your lost soul fragments. In a sense you are rescuing aspects of yourself. You time travel, going back to the experiences of that character, discover the turning points in that life, the unfinished business, and release the fragments of your soul from where they became stuck.

Benefits of Past Life Regression

ďI can't begin to tell you what a weight you have lifted off of me. A weight that I didn't even know I had. I am so happy not to have to carry around this past life's pain anymore; a pain that was not mine to bear in this lifetime. I can recognize now, immediately when these past feelings come up at home or at work. They are not mine, and never were -- and they vanish.

You are doing such important work. You are helping people to the core. You are setting them free. I know that I still have my own lesson in this lifetime to workout, which isn't easy. So it brings me much peace to know that I can rid myself of the unnecessary woes from the past, that have no place in this one.

I will absolutely be back! I know our work is not done; however for now I am enjoying the peace that this past session has brought me.Ē Debra Garretson - London

Healing my own past lives is an important part of being able to hold a deep, safe space for clients to explore their past lives. I work with a colleague to do this as it is not possible to both hold the space, act as guide, and be fully in the life. To date Iíve cleared nearly forty, finding release from many lifelong patterns and self-sabotaging behaviours. Of all the healing modalities Iíve tried this has been by far the most powerful. Iíve freed myself from obsessive relationships and thoughts and shifted layers of anger, blame, despair and self hatred. My soul path has become clearer, my relationship to myself more loving and Iíve been reconnected to my Higher Self and soul guides. Anna Sayce, respected psychic reader and teacher, discovered that past life regression was also just what she needed:

ďYou can spend years in therapy talking about it or you can get resolution in a two hour session. You donít just get psychological insight you also get spiritual healing and the real life shift. These two regressions gave me the healing Iíve been waiting my whole life for. A lot of sadness and angst was lifted from me, along with fear. And what Iíve been left with is a new underlying sense of calm and peace that hasnít wavered.Ē

There are many more benefits to a past life regression - a major one being that your connection to your Higher Self - your intuitive guidance - becomes much clearer and deeper. To be able to access this inner wisdom makes such a difference, helping you to open to your lifeís possibilities and giving you the confidence to truly follow your soulís calling.

Benefits as reported by clients:

ďVery powerful, I donít feel so hypervigilant. Iím more in my own space Lots of realisations overnight, a huge release as if something has shifted off me.Ē Kate Strong

ďLife now is so different. I feel centred. The session has helped me become so attuned to my Higher Self.Ē David Manoa

ďI am feeling so much lighter and vibrating at a higher frequency.Ē Taran

ďI feel relief, peace, stronger and clearer on my life goals.Ē Karen Yang

ďI see myself more clearly and more kindly.Ē Elsa Miller

What Happens in a Session
A session begins with a discussion of what it is youíd like to heal in your life and how the process works. After a short relaxation* to tune you to your internal world you are guided to create a safe garden sanctuary where you meet and connect to your Higher Self - this is the wisest most spiritual part of you.

* (Please note this is not hypnosis - you are conscious throughout and will be able to remember what happens during the session. The relaxation takes you to the alpha state - you become absorbed in your internal world, just as when you are watching a movie or reading a novel you become absorbed in the story you are watching or reading about.)

Your Higher Self chooses the life you most need to clear right now and together we visit the essential scenes in that life. Sometimes you will be seeing images or feeling the emotions of that life, at other times you get information through sensations in your body or simply a knowing.

When you have explored all the important experiences of that life we go to the death scene and beyond to the other side. There you visit that place in spirit where the life is being reviewed and discover what your soulís mission was for that lifetime.

Next we explore what influence the past life character is having on your current life. Work is done to clear any unfinished business until the character is happy to go into the light. After this you are guided through a healing meditation to clear any remaining emotions, fears, beliefs or physical weakness that remains and to re-energise affected chakras. This is also the time to break any vows that were made and may still be operating.

We then check for karmic connections with other characters and dissolve the karmic ties - this is done through dialogue with the past life character, discovering your souls contract with each other, forgiveness work and cord cutting.

Finally you return to your garden sanctuary where you are able to ask your Higher Self for any guidance for your current life.

Sessions by Skype
Doing your session via Skype is just as effective as coming in person. I have done many of my own sessions this way with colleagues who were living overseas. You need to make sure you will be undisturbed for the time of the session and to create a safe place where you are warm and comfortable. Many clients lie on their bed under a cover. Headphones help as they will cut out external noise. I donít need to see you just hear you clearly - so whatever device you are using to Skype with needs to be close by. We will have a chat about what you want to address in your life with the session and Iíll explain a little of the process before we go into the regression proper.

Many of the clients youíve already read about did their sessions by Skype - here is what Kate Strong, an intuitive healer, had to say about her Skype session:

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jay a number of times now doing past life regressions over Skype. It's ideal; I can lie in my own bed and relax better in my own environment.

When I initially contacted Jay I instantly relaxed and felt I could trust her, and because of that it was so easy to go deeper into my past lives.

Jay has a calm and reassuring approach, I also feel her intuition is highly attuned to my process and she knows what to say and when to say it, she adapts to what I say and what I need, it's almost like she's in the past life with me.

I would highly recommend Jay as a facilitator for your past life regression, her knowledge, experience and expertise on the subject creates the backbone you need to let go and explore the depths of your subconscious.Ē

"Jay is a genuine healer. She is deeply committed to her craft and conducts her therapies with integrity and maturity. My past life regression with her was very intense and over 2hrs long. It offered me deep insights and clues into certain preferences and self-sabotaging habits I had in this life. Tracing the source of my fears, anxieties and toxic ties in this life to a past life was deeply empowering. It allowed me to forgive myself and offer myself compassion. This in turn eased my fears and anxieties and cleared the internal emotional clutter that had been keeping me stuck. I was unsure if a skype session would work. It did. It was amazing. It felt very intimate - like she was sitting in my studio. I am blessed to have found Jay on the internet and would highly recommend her over other more corporate-type past life regression therapists.
- Angela Chua, Singapore.

Soul integration - completing unfinished business.
Soul fragments can get stuck in various ways and different methods are used to help them finish their unfinished business and go into the light. The types of past lives that come up are many and varied. I work with each life in the way it requires at different stages of the process. Below are some examples from my own regressions and those of my clients of the final stage of assisting the fragment to return to the light:

A boy whose family were killed and who was taken to be a slave was still trying to have the experience of being mothered and part of a family, through my client and her current family. When guided to see who was waiting for him in the light this fragment was happy to go and be reunited with his lost loved ones.

A roman soldier had a very physical life, enjoying killing the enemy and then participating in the rape and pillaging of the conquered people. He was filled with great shame and guilt at what he had done. Being able to express his great remorse to those he had hurt and receive forgiveness allowed this fragment, very tearfully, to return to light.

A young woman resisted her soulís prompting to stand up for an orphan child who was being badly mistreated by a crowd. This fragment resisted going into the light until we had re-scripted and she experienced making a different choice. She felt the peace and heart expansion that occurred when she followed her guidance and how it changed her life from one of fear and guilt to one of love and courage.

A girl who died in the holocaust was stuck in shock and overwhelm by the despair and trauma of her last few months. She was curled up on herself in a dark place still trying to hide from the pain of her experiences. Often a fragment of soul get stuck because it identifies with the life and forgets it is part of a powerful soul who has had many lives and is simply having experiences, growing in wisdom and compassion. Lovingly reminded of her true nature she was able to release her grief, gather the wisdom and learning from that life and let go of her dark hiding place. As often happens in situations of group trauma this soul fragmentís mission was not complete until she had assisted other soul fragments - the prisoners and guards, who were also stuck - to become free and and move into the spirit world for their own healing.

A young girl who killed herself was stuck in self-hate and the feelings of failure. Her soulís intention had been to overcome difficulties. She had lost her family in a fire when eight years old and been disfigured. She had no emotional support and was unable to overcome the feelings of grief for her family and disgust for her physical appearance. With much patient dialogue this fragment was encouraged to express her grief and anger and finally forgive herself and others and go into the light.

Remember these fragments are part of your soul and it is part of your own history that is still with you. Their beliefs, feelings and fears may be influencing you subtly or very powerfully. By helping them to finish their unfinished business you free yourself . Important qualities that were lost to you are returned as the character lets go of the life and moves into the spirit world for further growth and healing.

How do I know if the difficulties in my life are due to past life influences?
Some common indicators are:

Repeated patterns - Look at the area of difficulty and see if what you are experiencing is familiar, if this is a pattern - particularly a lifelong pattern.

Internal blocks - often you will be very aware that the obstacles in your life are due to self-sabotage. You feel like a failure, like youíll never be good enough or that you donít deserve a happy or successful life. These are powerful beliefs brought through from past lives and they can make trying to achieve anything in this life as difficult as moving through treacle.

Karmic relationships: Past life relationships cover the complete spread from hatred and vows of vengeance to deep love and vows never to be parted. Feelings of guilt, jealousy, responsibility, blame, resentment and obsessive love brought through from a past life relationship can distort and interfere with your relationships in this life - particularly if those same souls are also in this life. Often souls will reincarnate in different roles in an attempt to resolve outstanding karmic issues. From my own experience very close relationships can be completely transformed and healed using past life regressions. Along the way we gain much wisdom and insight into our motivations, blind spots and core issues.

Disproportionate responses: The classic one is a dread of speaking in public - sweaty palms, heart racing, a paralysing terror - as if it were a matter of life or death. Often this is connected to a past life where being dragged in front of a large crowd was indeed a matter of death, as we were humiliated before being hanged, stoned, beheaded etc. Consider what makes you rage with anger, freeze with fear, collapse with hopelessness or cry buckets. Is your response in proportion to the trigger, or is it way over the top?

Chronic Pain with no apparent cause: again the classic example is pain in the neck from the aforesaid hanging. Or it could be a pain in the hip from a spear wound or asthma from dying in a fire or a life as a miner, etc.

Fears and Phobias: Follow a fear and find a past life. Sometimes the links are obvious - a fear of drowning brought about by actually drowning in a past life, or perhaps being ducked in the village pond as a scold or suspected witch.

Bleed through: Sometimes we find ourselves having flashbacks of past lives in our ordinary waking day or in our dreams. Perhaps we have a knowing that once we were a nun, or an orphan on the streets, or a soldier in the trenches. We might be jolted into recognition whilst watching a film or reading a book. Perhaps there are certain films we refuse to watch, feeling they are too close to home, even though they resemble nothing in our current lives.


Please remember that any therapy work is not a magic wand that will remove all difficulties from your life, but part of an ongoing healing journey.

I do not work with those who have serious mental health issues, or addictions, or who are going through a major crisis. You do need a fairly stable life and sense of self to do this work.

Whilst long standing, unexplained, physical symptoms can often be lessened or healed through past life regression, this work is not intended to replace medical advice.

If you have very strong religious views that deny the possibility of past lives you may have difficulty in doing this work.

95% of those who come for a session will access a past life. Of the few who donít, sometimes this is because the core of the issue comes from this life - and we can work with that in a similar way through present life regression.

Often it is the pain of the present situation that gives us the courage to do this kind of deep healing work. Timing is important in the healing journey. Trust your intuition when choosing to do this work. Trust your intuition to guide you to the therapist best suited for you.

'I had no idea what to expect from the session and there were moments at the start where I doubted my mind and the process. By the time we wrapped up it was 2.5 hours later which had barely felt like 30 minutes. I felt absolutely safe with Jay and trusted her method and approach, which I think is critical with something like this. Jay never hurried the journey and it felt so natural and authentic. She is gentle and hugely empathetic which enabled me to let go completely. Jay is also highly intuitive and raised things that she could never have been aware of.

I was also wary of having a Skype session as, in my mind, someone would need to see me and feel my energy. I lay in the comfort of my home and it felt like Jay was sitting right next to me. After the session I was so relieved to not have to move or drive anywhere for some time as I was overwhelmed with what I had just experienced. I will certainly opt for a Skype session wherever possible.

I will definitely turn to Jay in the future for guidance and since our session I have felt so much lighter and more energetic. I believe that I have only just scratched the surface which is hugely exciting and I am so thankful for having had such a positive and nurturing first step.'
Catherine Halse

"My first regression with Jay came from a need to work on my Mother issues and anxiety. Jay was kind, loving, understanding and intuitive. I gained so much out of my first session with Jay that I came back for a second session months later.

In my second session, I wanted to work on unresolved issues with a new partner that I recognised from a past life. During the second regression however, Jay and I unexpectedly uncovered some life-changing information, and was able to go deep into my subconscious to find out exactly what was holding me back from fulfilling my purpose in my past, as well as my current life.

Jay is very connected with herself and her own guides, and I could feel them in the room during the session. She intuitively knows which questions to ask, and how to guide the regression as to get the most out of it for her clients. I really enjoyed working with Jay and highly recommend her to others wanting to have a past life regression done."


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